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Hermógenes, Professor and Poet of Yoga

2015   |  1h 43 min   |   Documentary   | Screened in theatres for 12 weeks in more than 15 cities in Brazil

Professor Hermogenes is one of the forerunners of Yoga and meditation in Brazil. The documentary shows his influence on thousands of people in Brazil and worldwide, permeates his biography and stories of life transformation through Yoga.

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Available in Portuguese and with English subtitles in 70 countries 


Brazil only

Brazil only

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Brazil only


Portugal only

director and writer: Bárbara Tavares

DP, editor and post production director: Frandu Almeida

producers: Bárbara Tavares and Frandu Almeida

co-producer: Thiago Leão

music by: Krishna Das e Audio Network

associate producer: Verônica Medica-Matzner

with Marcelo Yuka, Jackson Antunes, Prem Baba, Marco Schultz, Marcos Rojo, Gloria Arieira, Swami Nirmalatmananda, Lokasaksi, Padre Haroldo, Dr. José Ruguê, Dr. Paulo de Tarso, prof. Celeste, Marcia de Luca and more. 

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