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“Your sensibility as a director [Bárbara] with

this subject matter is just flawless all the way through.  

I genuinely think your film [Women Locked Inside] is beautiful.”

- Sean Bradley, producer of “Asperger’s are us”.

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Good stories inspire us.

We are an independent audio-visual production company from Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), currently based in Lisbon (Portugal). Bodhgaya Films is a family business founded in 2010. It was born from the desire of the partners, Bárbara and Frandu, to produce films and documentaries with engaging and thought provoking stories.


Our first feature documentary “HERMÓGENES, PROFESSOR AND POET OF YOGA" (2015) was an 100% independent production and distribution. It was screened for 12 weeks on theatres in many capitals in Brazil. Nowadays, it’s available worldwide on Amazon Prime, iTunes and other VOD platforms. Our feature and short movies got screened on several film festivals, won awards from jury and public and they are available on TV channels and on many streaming platforms worldwide.


We produce many different formats of videos from corporate videos, to fiction and documentaries shorts, promotional, motivational, tutorial and making of’s for clients from various market segments. 


We are always committed to excel technical and artistic excellence on every work and meet the deadlines to better serve our clients’ needs..

Bárbara Tavares

documentary filmmaker and producer

Bárbara Tavares is an award winner Brazilian documentary filmmaker who currently lives in Portugal. She premiered her first feature documentary film, “HERMÓGENES” (2015), on theatres in Brazil, which was screened for 12 weeks. Her first short documentary “O GIGANTE DO PAPELÃO” (2010) was nominated for the Grand Prize Brazil and together with “BOM CAMINHO” (2017) and “WOMEN LOCKED INSIDE” (2020) her shorts documentaries have won jury and public awards and were screened in more than 30 film festivals around the world, including Havana Film Festival (Cuba), and Huesca Film Festival (Spain). 

Besides cinema production, Barbara also directs, produces and writes client-based institutional films.

Bárbara holds an MFA in Documentary Filmmaking at P.Porto (Portugal), studied cinema at UCLA (Los Angeles) and got a bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering. 

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Frandu Almeida

filmmaker,  editor and photographer

Frandu Almeida directed, wrote and edited the short fiction “PROYETO 150”, which was produced and shot in Argentina. This short was nominated for the Gramadinho Festival (Brazil), it was selected for many film festivals around the world and got awarded by the jury. Also, he co-directed, wrote and edited several fiction short films. In 2010, he edited the award winner short documentary “O GIGANTE DO PAPELÃO” and in 2015 signed the direction of photography, editing and post production direction of the feature documentary "HERMÓGENES, PROFESSOR AND POET OF YOGA" released on theatres in Brazil.


Besides his talent for films, Frandu is responsible for editing and post production of all the Bodhgaya Films’ corporate videos.

Frandu graduated in Advertising from PUC Rio (Brazil), and he studied cinema in Buenos Aires (Argentina).

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Lucky charm

Brought from India, our Baba is always attentive to bring good vibes to our projects, always with a smile on his face.

What we do


corporate video & Branded Content

In our 10 years + of working with major international brands, we have produced several videos to motivate and inform the audience.

Storytelling is our guide on video creation. 

Indie movie

 Unique and inspiring stories motivate us to make films to spread the story to the world. We are aware that the indie world isn’t easy. But we are tough, we just can't give up to speak up.

Post Production

We are multitasking when is comes to postproduction, we manage to do video editing, color grading, motion graphics, subtitling, voice over, 2D and 3D animation, whiteboard animation and we meet tight deadlines.


Fiction and documentary films, product videos, brand videos, video-clips, TV commercials, tutorial and online training, making of, animations, videos for internet and social media, and more.

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